Magik Graphics – Steampunk Madness

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Magik Graphics ‘Steampunk Madness’ CD is perfect for Steampunk Lovers. 
11 folders of individual wacky themes. Each theme has its own backing papers, greetings, borders, inserts and various shaped toppers. 

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Magik Graphics – Steampunk Madness

Think of Steampunk and then add whacky, unusual and imaginative. This stunning collection delivers them all.  

There are 11 folders of individual themes. Each folder includes co-ordernating backing papers, greetings, borders, inserts and toppers. The toppers are of various shapes and sizes, and even include cog shapes!

The themes are:

Bath Tub, Time Machine, Clock Keeper, Clockwork Crow Fairground, Curiosity, Steampunk Madness, Steampunk Night Owl, Steampunk Rat, Steampunk Rocks, The Curse Of The Crow, Time Flies By.

CD Crafting is perfect for all sorts of paper crafting.  Also perfect for decorating candles and t-shirts, as well as boxes, book covers and lots more. This particular CD is perfect for Steampunk Lovers

The CD has been designed by Susan Andrews of Magik Graphics, and the images can be used to sell finished cards and tangible projects. You are able to display photographs of any finished projects you have made on websites, blogs, forums etc



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