Magik Graphics – Deadred – Fallen Angels

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A must for ‘alternative’ crafters, and those wanting to produce something different in their projects.

There are many, many layers in the designs on the CD – one image has been built using over 500 layers!

The CD has a folder with hints and tips for printing.

As the elements have so much depth of colour, printing on glossy paper or card will produce the best effects

The Fallen Angels on the CD are:

Anarell – Keeper of Secret & Lies

Belial – Deceptively Beautiiful Fallen Angel Without Worth

Eligor – Fallen Angel Who Appears As A Knight

Faline – Catlike Fallen Angel

Lucifer – Bearer Of Light

Malpas – Fallen Angel Who Appears As A Crow

Trista – Fallen Angel Of Sorrow

Ulva – Fallen Angel who Appears as a Wolf

Zaphan – Stokes The Fire Of Hell

The CD is compatable with MAC and Windows

The Angel policy is:

As long as a finished project is produced from the CD’s i.e not just the printed images, then you are allowed to print and sell as many items that you make.

You are also allowed to take the images into packages such as ‘Serif’, and make alterations to the images


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