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For those new to these genres, here’s a little explanation

Steam machines and steam technology were revolutionary in the 19th Century in both Britain and the American Wild West, and it’s this era that has influenced the creation of steampunk. Today’s steampunk features retro futuristic inventions as they may have been envisaged in the 19th Century. A kind of Victorian fantasy world using steam power.

Shabby Chic is renowned by its antique appearance. Old age and wear and tear is prevalent in the Shabby Chic world. Colours include pastels and soft neutrals and is very much enveloped in a floral (especially roses), rustic cottage feel, influenced by old French Linens.

Whether you are already aware of Steampunk & Shabby Chic, or have never heard of them, we’re sure that you will find something exciting within this category.

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