Shoes are a great way to show off some sparkle. A Sweet Dixie die that didn’t even make  it to the website last year, due to it selling out twice before we were able to put on there, is now available. What’s more, it has actually made it onto our website – just!



With Mother’s Day not in the too distant future, it a ‘must have’ die.

Click the photo’s to go straight to the website, to get your die, copy and paste the following into your browser.

Onto the Magik Graphics Sparkle, also in the form of shoes, but with lots of fairy sparkle too. This comes from the fabulous Fairy Cobblers CD-ROM. This CD is also in the ‘New Arrivals’ category as it had previously sold out – on a number of occasions. 


Click the photo’s to go straight to the website, if you want to own this extremely versatile CD,or copy and paste the following into your browser: 

In last week’s newsletter I said that I would be doing some videos this week – the new stock, and how to make daisies from Sweet Dixie’s Stylised Dies.


Unfortunately, during the past week, I haven’t been able to stop coughing long enough, to make a decent video. I will definitely record the daisy one – hopefully next week. I am also hoping to get one of the new stock done too.


Apologies to you if you were waiting. 

As you may know it is Daisy Day on 28th January. and I am trying to focus on it as a theme for the next few weeks.


I have had a little ‘play’ with Magik Graphics latest CD-ROM – Wild Watercolours, and have used the Stylised Daisy Die Set for embellishing. Although not strictly used as a daisy, it shows how adaptable the dies are for all types of projects


Click on the photos, or here’s the links to go to both products:


Sweet Dixie Stylised Dies

Magik Graphics Wild Watercolours 

Here are some more examples made using more of the stock that has recently arrived 


The following dies were used to make the cards, and are all available in the new Arrivals section by clicking HERE or individually on each photo


Copy and paste the following to get to the New Arrivals


That’s it for this week


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Have a good weekend
Teri x