Newsletter 14/19 Light & Dark – Unicorn Day and some Gothic Beauties

As it’s Unicorn Day next Tuesday (9th April), that has to be where I start. When I think of unicorns, I see them in my mind, in a few different ways.

I sometimes see them pure white, in a forest, with a shining aura around them, or the whimsical type with a striped horn of beautiful pastel colours – obviously with sparkles dancing around the horn.

The unicorns, on the Magik Graphics – ‘Where The Unicorns Roam’ CD, are quite different to the ones I’ve described, which makes them even more enchanting.

This week I wanted to make something a little bit different, and try to capture a scene from the CD.

This is what I came up with:


I have done a very quick video, just to take you around the card itself, as the photograph doesn’t really show it properly. You can click HERE to have a look or copy and paste:

I’m thinking of doing a tutorial to show exactly how I made it and the materials and measurements I used. However, I would like to know if there are enough people who would be interested in seeing how it was made. If you would like to see a tutorial on how it is made, then please let me know by replying to this email or

Here are some of the images on the CD:


If you would like a copy of ‘Where the Unicorns Roam’ CD you can click on any of the photos or copy and paste:

Still on the subject of  unicorns, we also have some Sweet Dixie dies in stock and here are a few cards that have been made by Sue Dix (the designer of the dies) 


You can find the dies by clicking on the photos, or copy and pasting:


Unicorn Head

Stepping away from the beauty of Unicorns to a different type of beauty – those of the Gothic typeHaving recently sold out, we now have a new supply of Magik Graphics – Gothic Beauties. This is actually my favourite CD – although many more have come close

I will leave you this week with some of my favourite ‘makes’ and images from the Gothic Beauties CD. I’m going to revisit this fabulous CD over the coming weeks, and will let you have a look at anything I make.



As usual click on the photos if you would like to purchase the CD, or copy and paste:

It’s just over a week to go until our next show in Newark. It’s so long ago – or seems that way – since our last show, and I can’t wait!

More details can be found HERE or:
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Have a great weekend 
Teri x