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Newsletter 23.11.18

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You may have recently heard, that Sheena Douglass (Crafters Companion) appears to have used photograph images - photographs not taken by her - for her drawings, that were then made into stamps. This has infringed the copyright rules of the original photographers.

I love Sheena and her work, and I'm not intending this to criticize or pass judgement, but it is a serious topic. 

Copyright and angel policies are important for almost all crafters, whether you sell for a charity, in a church or community hall or whether you sell as a business. 

If you have used materials such as fabric, dies, paper, or anything else, that has a copyright image such as Disney/Harry Potter on, you do not have permission to use and sell anything made from it, unless you also purchase permission or agreement to use it. In some cases - especially if purchasing items from abroad - the person selling the items to  you, may not have permission to do so either. This means that you will both be guilty of a copyright infringement.


In order to sell copyright materials to you, large Companies such as Crafter's Companion,  purchase a copyright license or agreement from companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, etc, which means they are then legally able to sell items using images from these companies. We however are not entitled to use them to make items to sell. We would also need to purchase the copyright or agreement.
The consequences of breaching copyright or the angel policy can be serious. If you are in any doubt, you should always check with the company you buy from, or the manufacturer. They should either be able to tell you what you can and can't do, or point you to where you can find the Terms of Use og a particular product.

I hope you found this useful.


We had a great show in Leigh last Sunday and it was great to see and chat to newsletter subscribers there, as well as all the new subscribers and customers that we met. Different shows have different items as favourites, and one of the items that had a lot of interest in Leigh was Magik Graphics - Steampunk Beauty.

Steampunk Beauty is a stunning CD, which combines gentle lace against heavy metal industry with its mechanical workings such as cogs, as you can see in these photos:



You  can purchase the CD by clicking on one of the photos or copying and pasting the following:

I have a video recorded of how to make the rocker card in the bottom right photo, which you can find by clicking on the following photo or copying and pasting:



If you are a new subscriber, or haven't completed the survey about newsletters, I would be very grateful if you could complete it by clicking HERE, or copying and pasting:


Out last 2 shows for the year are this weekend at The National Motor Cycle Museum on Saturday and Maidstone Leisure Centre on Sunday. Details of both can be found HERE or by copying and pasting


That's it for this week

Teri x

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