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Newsletter 16.11.18

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You may be totally organised, or like me totally unorganised. If you're in the first category then you are probably all ready for Christmas and thinking about next year; or if you're anything like me, still have a lot to do.

Whether organised or not, there should be something in this weeks Newsletter to interest you!

Let's start first with the organised:

This week on Facebook I asked which of 4 CD's would people like to see me go through by video, when I next record one - hopefully next week.

The 4 choices were:

Magik Graphics - Men And Their Love Of
Magik Graphics - Steampunk Madness
Magik Graphics - A Quintessential Cuppa
Magik Graphics - Fairy Cobblers 3

Steampunk Madness, was the favourite, with A Quintessential Cuppa coming close 2nd. So these are the first 2 I will do, starting with Steampunk Madness

Here's a little reminder of what is on both of them.

  Steampunk Madness

and A Quintessential Cuppa


That's a diverse range to look forward to! I'll give you links to the videos once they've been completed.

Now onto those who like me, are not so organised.

If you are still making for craft fairs, or just want to make your own Christmas cards, the Sweet Dixie Merry Christmas die at only £4.99, is a 'must have' for your collection. I would also recommend getting one of the Magik Graphics Christmas CD's - that's if you have a printer of course!



Today I used a backing paper image, printed onto photo paper, from The Magikal Christmas CD Collection, the Sweet Dixie Large Merry Christmas die, and some acetate, to make this gorgeous Christmas card very quickly. If I do get around to making my own cards  this year, this is the way I will go. It can all be prepared quickly to make in batches i.e. die cutting, cutting the papers and acetate to size, and then assembling.

One of the great things about using a CD, is that no matter how many cards you need, you will never run out of backing papers, toppers etc!


We have a show this weekend, so if you want any of the CD's or the Merry Christmas die, you will need to order tonight or tomorrow morning to be absolutely sure of getting them! 
You can click on the photos for the individual items, or alternatively you can paste the following into your browser e.g. google, safari, firefox etc, if you would rather not click a link

For Christmas items:

For Steampunk Madness:

For A Quintessential Cuppa:

 I would like to thank those who completed the survey from last week. It has given me a lot of insight into what you are happy with and what you want to see in future newsletters.

You will notice that I have put a full address of a website page above, as an alternative to clicking links, as not everyone is able to, or not happy to click actual links. This is something that I hadn't thought about until reading the answers in the surveys.

If you didn't get chance last week to complete the survey, I would be grateful if you could complete it for me. On average it takes 1 minute to complete. You can find the survey HERE or by putting the following into your browser:


This weekend we are at a show in Leigh with Sincerely Yours. We then have 2 more shows this year, which are both next weekend  - 24th and 25th November. Full details can be found HERE, or by pasting the following into a browser:
That's it for this week
Teri x

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