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Newsletter 19.10.18

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I've been there - and still am really! You look at something online, and think it sounds good, but what does it really look like and how does it work? By the time you've fathomed that one out, you've moved away and decided to stick with what you know.

This is one of the reasons that I make videos to show cutting dies. It gives you a better idea of the actual sizes, rather than imagine them from measurements - even if you do have a ruler/tape measure to hand.

Crafting with CDROM's is a whole lot harder to fathom out. If you already use them, then you're one step ahead, but even then the question master in your head asks 'What's on them?'

Having attended many craft shows, and asked customers 'Do you do CD Crafting, and if not why not?', a lot answer that they either don't know how to, or are not 'very good' with computers. At the shows I am able to demonstrate there and then how easy it is to use them.

Having seen how easy it is, many have opened up a whole new way of crafting, which is easily integrated with the methods and materials that they already use. 

If you are already thinking 'I wouldn't be able to get the hang of it'; I can tell you that if you have found this email and are reading it, then yes, you most definitely will 'get the hang of it'

Creating a video to go through, step by step how to use a CDROM, has been my goal for a while, and I'm quite excited that I've finally managed to complete it. Without keeping you waiting any further click HERE to watch it. You can also click the picture below to go straight to the video



I really do hope that this video has been useful, and has made it easy for you to be confident in having a go at using a CDROM in your crafting. Please do let me know if you have any questions, and I would love your feedback on what you think about the video - just reply to this email.

If you fancy having a go, then you can find the CD's HERE. They start at as little as £4.99

The videos are not ending there either! Over the coming week/months, I am aiming to record videos where I will take you through the content of the CD's that we have, one by one.

I've already started, and the first video should be ready early next week - maybe even before. As they are done, I will get them put onto the website on the relevant CDROM page.

As Christmas isn't too far away, I've started the ball rolling with Magik Graphics - The Christmas Card Collection. If you've never used CD's before then you are in for a treat, when you see how much is on them!



Not to forget about Sweet Dixie fans, I've also recorded a video for you.

I told you last week that there were lots of Sweet Dixie sell outs at Newark. I've managed to get some back in - some had already sold out at the suppliers too!

You can watch the video of the new stock HERE or by clicking on the photo below:




That's it for this week!


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