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Newsletter 12.10.18

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I made a canvas a  few weeks ago by printing an image from Magik Graphics - Your words or Mine - onto tissue paper. Here's the canvas that I made:


I was asked in the Facebook Group, how I managed to print onto tissue paper, so I decided  to do a video tutorial showing the process that I used

You can watch the video by clicking HERE

Although I've put this onto canvas, you could also use the printed tissue paper for decorating candles or boxes.

The images from the Magik Graphics CD's are great for printing onto tissue paper, but you could also print photo's.


You may remember that Magik Graphics Moonlight Enchantment  was discontinued. Well, Sue at Magik Graphics has managed to get a box of them. Most of them were sold on Create & Craft. However, I have some in stock, with a few more on their way. I have been told that once these have gone that there are no more in  existence. If you don't have one, now is the time to get it. Click HERE to go straight to the product



The images would be amazing printed onto tissue paper and used in products..

Here are some of the images from the CD, plus a card that gets a lot of attention at shows, because of the stunning image:

If you do not already use CD's in your crafting, I am planning on putting together a video to show you how easy it is - watch this space!
There were a lot of Sweet Dixie sell outs at the show in Newark last Sunday.  I have placed an order with the suppliers, and am waiting to see  if everything that I've ordered is in stock. I should hopefully have them early next week, and will do the normal video showing them.

The moon Fairy was a big favourite at the show, and is now VERY LOW  stock. You can get yours by clicking on the photos, which will take you straight to the product on the website

Finally, the Sincerely Yours show in Portsmouth on Sunday October 21st has unfortunately, been cancelled.

I hope  you have a lovey weekend

Teri x

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