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Newsletter 20.7.18

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This week I learnt how to print onto card using a very simple trick. I decided to put it onto a Facebook live video, which you can find  HERE

If you aren't able to click the link and watch it, basically, if you pinch one of the edges of a piece of card, all the way along, and put it into a printer (place the pinched edge where the printer normally picks up the paper), it has the effect of fooling the printer into thinking that it is picking up paper instead of card!

I was a bit sceptical,  so did it twice, and it worked both times.

This week - today in fact - Sweet Dixie launched their latest range of Christmas dies on Create & Craft. If you watched the show, then you will know what a fabulous range it is. It's exclusive to Create & Craft at the moment, but I will be able to pre-order it on 3rd August.

If there are any of the collection that you would like to order from me, let me know and I will make sure that when I order them they are on the list, and put by for you when they 

I recorded 2 videos this week! And what's more they were both videoed live!


There was a Sincerely Yours Mini Show Show a few weeks ago in Bridgend, not too far away from us. We did some 'Make & Takes' - I showed how to make an easel card, and the crafters took the easel cards that they made away with them.

Not everyone can get to shows, especially if they have to travel, so I decided to demonstrate what we made by video

Here's the card I made. The image is from Magik Graphics Magikal Fairy Tales, which you can find HERE or by clicking on the image

To watch the video please click HERE
There was a choice of images to use at the make and takes, which are shown on the video. Again in case you can't watch the video, here are the photos.

that i
Click on the photos for the link to each individual Magik Graphics CD, or click on the following names (which are in the order the images are):
Men and their love of ..., Moonlight Wonders and Fairy Cobblers 3
Finally, having printed onto card from Collage Fusion and Blooming Beauty for the first video, I thought that I should use them. I have only used the Collage Fusion one so far, and here's what I made with it. 


Click on the image to go to the product, or click HERE. The card is one of the images on the website too!

If you haven't joined already we have a Facebook group where we encourage conversation about all types of crafts, and we love to see the projects that members have made. If you would like to join please click HERE

We also have a Facebook Page which you can get to by clicking HERE


I hope you have a lovely weekend

Teri x

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