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Saving face during a 'live' video

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I'd previously promised that I would demonstrate 'live' how to make a box using a  template from Magik Graphics Garden Gifts  

Here's the box. It's so easy to make, and it's perfect for a spring birthday gift.

Here's a picture of the box with a matching card (the corner dies are Heart Corner dies from Sweet Dixie, which you can find HERE

Garden gifts Spring Blush 1_n

I chose Facebook to record the video from. I eventually managed to do the whole demonstration, but I had to do it in 2 parts.

Before I got started, I practised changing from laptop camera, to webcam and back again. It worked perfectly.

I was ready to go 'live'. I pushed the live button and off I went. - talking to the laptop camera. It was going well and I had viewers. I then needed to switch to the webcam to point it down to the table and show exactly what I was doing. Facebook doesn't allow this switch, or if they do, they didn't allow me to do it.

I was live and there wasn't much I could do, apart from delete the video, or somehow carry on. I had viewers, so deleting the video wasn't really an option. I decided to continue, and to do so I had to stop the recording I was making, and come back for part 2, which I did.

That sounds all very calm and simple, but I can assure you that at the time, it  was neither of those things. I had all sorts going around in my head. But I got there, and managed to show how easy it is to make a box from Magik Graphics, Garden Gifts CD-ROM

and these are the 2 videos


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Teri x

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