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I've changed my mind!

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The good thing about being my own boss, is that I can change my mind if I want to! 

You will have received an email from me last Saturday, telling you about our new sale. In it I told you that there was up to 20% off Christmas and some other popular products.

But, I've changed my mind!

I need to find room for new stock, which means I need to find homes for existing stock. Therefore, I've decided that Christmas products won't be up to 20% off, but up to 40% off instead.

What's more, is that the sale is now set to run until Sunday 21st January. 

This means that there are some excellent bargains to be had!!

Don't wait until July, when Christmas product prices go back up (or even increases), pick up some bargains now!

Here are more examples of what is available:


For the full Sale click HERE

Teri x

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