Our Story

Teri Bagnall Teri B Fantasy Crafts, Known for Gothic Crafting, Fantasy Crafting and Steampunk Crafting


Hi I’m Teri, and owner of Teri B Fantasy Crafts.

I’m 60 years young and married to my long suffering husband of 35 years Stewart – he loves me really!

I suppose I’ve always been creative. I enjoyed painting, knitting and crocheting as a child. Yes I was that one who thoroughly enjoyed covering my school books – for those of you young enough to remember having to do that!

I never ever thought that crafting could become a’job’ let alone business. So off to an office I went, to work for over 30 years.

My professional crafting began a number of years ago during a recuperation period, and I’ve never looked back. I began card making, and then jewellery making. Once I’d entered the crafting world and attended some large shows, my dream was to attend the shows as a trader myself.

So here I am where I want to be attending shows around the country, having my own website, helping other crafters indulge their crafty needs, and being part of the beautiful  family of crafters

I’m pretty sure you’ll want to know where the name Teri B Fantasy Crafts came from. You do? Great I’ll tell you!

It is  is derived from my first name Teresa and my surname Bagnall . Most importantly it’s a tribute to my late dad whose name is Terry and surname also begins with B. I’ve built the business  around themes of Gothic/Macabre,  Fantasy  and Steampunk – hence the ‘Fantasy’ at the end. I’m always excited when I discover new products on the market that fit these themes.

Good quality and value is a must in my opinion, and I strive to bring this to my wonderful customers, which hopefully includes you.